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Contract terms allow PO's to be sent directly to this vendor and must reference the vendor's contract number. For example, "Per TCPN Contract #R123456".
Contact vendor for pricing.

Contract: R5023 - Office Supplies, Related Products and Office Services

Jul 12, 2010 to Feb 28, 2015

Contract: R5120 - Janitorial Supplies, Equipment, Maint. and Repair

Jan 23, 2012 to Feb 28, 2016

Contract: R5243 - Managed Print Solutions

Mar 1, 2013 to Feb 29, 2016

General Questions

Nancy Davis
Program Manager

California, Arizona, Nevada,Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho,
Utah, Alaska, Hawaii



John Hunsche



Pam Pedler
Program Manager

Connecticut, New Jersey, DC, New York, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Michigan, West Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine



Chad Yats
Program Manager

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee



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